Sunday, 25 September 2011

B&Q Redeemed Themselves

After a sleepiness night spent worrying about the humiliation one would face on arrival at the trade dept of B&Q, arriving to collect a flatpack kitchen which wasn't going to fit in a tiny Citreon C1... the reality wasn't nearly as bad. Lottie and I only crashed the trolley twice en route to the kitchen's department, we trapped the assistants fingers under a 1000mm flatpack base unit and then crashed into an inconveniently placed sink display. Then my card was declined as I handed over the wrong one and I had to ask the nice man to carry the packages into my car as I couldn't lift them but I survived. Only taps and knobs and the dispensary is done and dusted.

I also collected the dresser from the other side of Exeter and it looks great in the corner of the hub ready to be put into action at the cake and craft fair which is less than a week away. I am going to make chocolate crispy cakes (rocky road ones) this month as well as flapjack just in case Judith turns up again. I need my 9 out of 10 flapjack score to be a 10 out of 10 in October. 

By Friday I hope to have more events in the diary for you and on Saturday I hope to see you all at the fair. 

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  1. So glad they did