Monday, 21 November 2011


Today's hub was a busy hub. Yoga Babies was really busy and most of the ladies and babies stayed for coffee. I also had two red coat tour guides visit. It would be great to be included in the Medieval tour...we'll see. 

Make and Take Club this afternoon was awash with creativity. Hannah and Pip inspired us to create winter wonderlands inside shoeboxes (a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth Ann shoe shop at 3 Cathedral Close who kindly gave us a tower of boxes). 

I had a good (email) chat with Peter Kyrke-Smith who is starting his community choir at the hub with two Christmas sings on the evenings of 15th & 22nd December. It's going to be great fun. Let me know if you are interested in further details...or just come along. I just need to double check the times with Peter. 

Andy from HARVEST came in and Penny who is making some gifts to sell at our Craft and Cake Fair on Saturday.

BUT GOLD STAR FOR BEING A CLEVER BUNNY AWARD OF THE MONTH GOES TO RACHAEL POULTER FOR HER RAFFLE COLLECTION. Rach has managed to collect together raffle prizes galore from our wonderful Exeter shopkeepers and businesses and there are more arriving all the time:

A bottle of Bollenger champagne (The Hub on the Green)
A bottle of red wine.
A beautiful pooh bear (Mothercare)
2 christmas mugs (Rainbow)
£35 vouchers for Sidwell Cycles
A wool basket (Village Yarns)
An eyebrow shape (Shine)
A sports bag (Superdrug)
A makeup bag (Superdrug)
Milkshake vouchers (Shaker Maker)
£10 Toymaster voucher (Thomas Moore)
and we still have more to collect. 

If you would like to buy a ticket pop in this week or better still on Saturday.


  1. Yoga Babies was fab today, thank you Nikkie, and yummy coffee too :-) Joey was a busy bee as usual and a great host. It was nice to chat to the lady who had tea and was interested in local history. She said she might come on Saturday! Xx

  2. Wonder what the odds are on my purchasing a raffle ticket... And not winning :0)

  3. Now where is that positive thinking Rach? xxx

  4. Well done Becs. She was called Julia and was from a local history society and she is going to organise a 'do' for the members one evening at the hub. Thank you for looking after her and telling her about Saturday's fair :)