Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Royal Visit

Here are a few photos of the recent royal visit to Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health. Their Royal Highnesses and MP Paul Burstow came to see the results of the two year four-centre project that we have just completed. The project 'Integrated Self Care in Family Medicine' has been a real success. We are hoping to continue the good work in a new centre in the near future and Simon is working hard on this. I am building a centre in Exeter which will open in late September 2011 and will use what we learnt in the project and build on this to create a place which makes people feel great again. 
Our marvellous Health Question Time panel in pre-panel talks. 
Judith and Simon in the garden 
A smiley Judith and a smiley Simon in the garden

Emma in the garden getting stuck in

It was a fabulous opportunity to get all our groups in one place and new friendships blossomed as a result 
A terrible photo but if that's what we look like then so be it...Jan and Joey reunited in the cafe!

Lisa Purchase and her art & crafts group

L to R: Liz, Joan and Ron busy making origami masterpieces

L to R: Charlie, Lucy, Tracy and Lisa

Joey talking to Mary and her wonderful creative writing group

HRH and Dr Dixon

Gardening group had their usual table of goodies to take home

TRH were so encouraging and the Duchess was fantastic company in the cafe

Jacquie's mice were very popular with The Duchess

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