Saturday, 21 July 2012

Walking in HIgh Heels Breakfast Meeting

A message from Cathy...

Hello friends and colleagues
Following the fab response to my recent outing at Energess Breakfast Group, I am running one more workshop on "Walking in High Heels Gorgeously" for those who missed out.  The cost is £15 only. It's next week so sign up quickly! 
Full information and booking is here:

By day I work with bad backs, stress and posture and never recommend wearing heels. But by night I dance Argentine Tango and the heels are high!  I use both skills to teach you Walking in High Heels - Gorgeously! 
I work with a therapy which helps improve posture, balance and connection with the ground.  I also guide you through freeing up your body in the subtle ways of a dancer to increase elegance, grace and glide.   I love this intensive attention to detail which transforms clients, not just in their walk, but in confidence, comfort and pizazz!  Body and mind are so entwined that simply walking well can have a profound impact on self-esteem.  We can work together in complete privacy, you can join a group session or you get a group together and invite me to work with you.  Just call on 07989 564660 and we'll talk about your needs.

Whether for weddings, balls, business functions, or pure personal pleasure - you can enjoy Walking in High Heels - Gorgeously!Contact Cathy on 07989 564660 

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