Thursday, 20 September 2012

Baking Club & World Peace Day...

Oh boy...I need to build up some stamina for Wednesdays. I met Bex this morning from Love Local Food. Their food van is on the Cathedral Green on Tuesdays from noon for half an hour. So you can grab some bits on the way to coffee time. Then we had double yoga and I whizzed off to the wonderful Scrapstore to collect the badge-maker for Friday and Saturday. We are making peace badges using offcuts of beautiful silks and satins donated by Sarah Treble (the wedding dress designer who works above the hub).

Coffee time and a busy knitting group started at noon. It was a hive of activity today with all sorts of knitting and flower looming going on. This isn't always the case. Often we just chat! Liz did a great job.

The lovely lady, D, whose grandmother used to live in the building popped by with an amazing old postcard showing our alley (the view from my outside sofa). It was great to see her and I phone Darren who wrote the article on the history of the building and who interviewed D when we first heard her link to the building. Darren was next door at the D&E Institution so popped over. It was so good to have him back in the hub again. It had been too long.

So many people turned up for baking club day and all with baked goodies on the theme 'chocolate'. Liz had made gluten and dairy free goodies so the little ones could try so. Incredibly thoughtful of her as some of the children can't try a lot of the cakes. Sam came who is deaf. I had to speak slowly. That's hard for me! There were a lot of names to learn and so we wrote them down and as I had already explained who everyone was and a little bit about them they all had easy associations. Washing up Geraldine, Knitting Liz, Red-Shoed Dominique, Green-Shoed Kesia and so it went on. Baking club are a very special group of people. Well done Lauren for creating such a gem. Sue won Baker of the Week with her amazing heart shaped chocolates with caramel in the milk chocolate ones and elderberry and some other berry in the dark chocolate one. They were quite incredible. Lauren has given us the theme of 'The Great British Bake Off' for the next session in two weeks.

There was a quick bit of washing up and hoovering up the crumbs that missed our mouths and then we welcomed The Intercom Trust for their first session at the hub.

One more quick turnaround for Tai Chi which is still on now.

It's Peace One Day tomorrow...We are celebrating from 11:30am in Princesshay Square and then having a Peace Fair (lots of tea and cake, making corner, mini treatments, Magic Carpet bric-a-brac...all good fun) from 10am-1pm on Saturday at the hub.

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