Sunday, 23 September 2012

Peace Day Fair on Saturday

This is my kind of celebration. After the unknown of putting on an event in Princesshay Square...the peace fair on Saturday seemed like an old friend. We rearranged the hub so it felt different to our monthly fair. We had the cake table as usual with Cathy, Lauren, Sarah, Rachel, Hannah and myself baking for the day and we did well. Thank you everyone. We judged it just right which is really satisfying and the Uncookable Brownie which kept me out of mischief all of Friday evening was fabulous. Phew!

The recipe for the best brownie is here or come to the Cake & Make Fair on 6th October and it'll be there. I'll just start baking earlier in the day next time (an hour and three-quarters in the oven!).

We made oodles of badges and we had Viking longboats, strongman weights and door decorations in the making corner (and a big thank you to Scrapstore for their support). Hannah came with lots of Magic Carpet goodies and to share the magic of Magic Carpet with people who may not be aware of the fabulous work they do. Sarah Hewlett was giving acupressure treatments and next door at Mind & Body Jacqueline and Cathy had organised an array of taster sessions.

It was a short fair from 10am-1pm and at about 11:30am we started to get lovely and busy. Clearly Saturday wasn't an early-start sort of day for the people of Exeter. In the afternoon there was a birthday party. We cleared up in 45 minutes thanks to Lauren, Luke, Neil, Mahalia, Kesia, Dominiue, Rachel, Sarah and Hannah. You were amazing. Thank you everyone for a very special morning.

I spent the afternoon with baking club's Lauren with the sole intention of discussing children's baking events for half-term week. We walked to the quay, took a look at the controversial graffiti, played Scrabble in The Angel and the plans for half-term are still half-baked. Watch this space!

Magic Carpet Hannah's fabulous
Peace Fudge Cake - what a star!

Kat's creation

Ailla on badge #1

Lauren's badge which she gave up on
but Lottie has plans to snaffle
Kat making badges for Baby Jocelyn
Sam and his strongman weights
Alex, Lowen, Candice, Sam, Tara in the making area
Up until now Kat's kept it quiet
that she had this sort of talent
Ailla's fabulous badges

Lowen's Viking longshop that
started life as a sea monster

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