Friday, 7 September 2012

Badge Making and a little bit more

It's so good to be back in the hub. I am still playing catch-up but getting there slowly. 

Lovely Liz came in today and took it upon herself to stitch up a hole in the sofa cover which was growing. It looks great now. 

Tomorrow is the hub's Cake & Make Fair. After a lovely coffee time, where we made funky badges with some Scrapstore goodies that I collected this morning, Mum helped me set up for the fair. We did it in an impressive 90 minutes and it's looking great. 

The making area is great and Sonia will be face painting all day. There will be lots to do so pop by between 10:30-4:30.

This afternoon I was baking for the fair. They look great and the house smells fab. I took lottie up to Dorchester and came back and collapsed. Ridiculously civilised for the eve of a fair. 

We had some great visitors. Lovely Jemima and Jude popped in for coffee, another lady to ask about courses, lots of people came in to see the roof - spurred on by Heritage Week, Tat from the Devon Grapevine popped by, Nigel came to fit new doorbelly things, the landlord's agent popped in, Magic Carpet's Rob came by with a colleague so it was a busy buzzy day. 

We have had so many people asking to sell at the cake and make fair...I am wondering whether to have a ore traditional craft fair once a month without the coffee and making. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. 

The timetable for Peace One Day is growing every day. We are celebrating and raising awareness by using Princesshay from 11:30am on Friday 21st September. There will be a variety of performances and then a Peace Fair at the hub on Saturday 22nd September from 10am-1pm. If you would like to b involved please do get in touch. We are just adding performances so it is no problem. 

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