Monday, 17 September 2012

Today at the hub...

I am going to try and get back to blogging. I miss it terribly. I am just ing finding it hard to put aside the time to do it. I also miss it as a reference point. I often used to go back and check it for dates, names, details etc.

We started the day with Nikkie's Yoga Babies. Her groups have got so popular that she has started a new group. One for newborns to crawlers and one from crawlers to toddlers. Lots of the mummies stayed for a coffee. Penny popped by with some fabulous old annuals and board games. These are books that she has had since she was little and are really precious. They are also really a real blast from the past. We are trying to find a way that we can keep them safe but enjoy them too. There are some fabulous Blue Peter Annuals from way way back.

I had a great meeting with Liz who runs our knitting group about a competition we are running this term. It's really taking shape and we sorted out the final details and so get your needles ready!

Lauren popped by with a white chocolate torte that she had made as a practise run for Wednesday's baking club. She's not a big fan of white chocolate so she brought it in for us to try. It was really good. Everyone gave it the thumbs up and the good news is I have a few more slices for tomorrow. Happy days.

Lovely to know that TED are using the hub this term too.

I sent thank yous to the Filipino/British Community and Jessica who works with visually impaired young people who used the hub this weekend and took great care of it and were superstars on the tidying up front.

This afternoon Peter Kyrke-Smith ran a taster session for the community choir which starts again tomorrow. Then Janette came in to run her Daisy Birthing Class.

I went shopping for a peace stamp to make badges with this Saturday at our Peace One Day Fair. It wasn't a successful trip so we will have peace frogs, peace leaves, peace ice creams etc.

I think I've left the coffee machine on at the hub. That means I need to go and check. Bother!

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