Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gloss Gallery 20x20 exhibition

A few months ago Sparkly Sonia came to her crafting group and told us about Gloss Gallery's 20 x 20 exhibition and how she was going to get the crafting group at the hub involved. Now we are in December and the group's artwork is hanging in Gloss Gallery waiting for the auction on Tuesday 18th December

Gloss Gallery is an amazing place. It is a beautiful gallery and one with an ethos that makes them extra special. They support many charities, organisations and community initiatives. My first visit was a year ago when I waved my paddle at the Magic Carpet auction. It was my first auction.

So if you are around in central Exeter, pop in and see the exhibition before 29th December. The auction is on 18th December and although I would love to go, I have a social enterprise meeting that evening.

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