Thursday, 9 February 2012

Charity Crafty Swap

Thursdays are usually quiet days at the hub and a chance to catch up on other things. The hub isn't open as usual but there for day rental for conferences, meetings or longer courses. However today we had Sophie over to help clear the basement which has rapidly become Joey's Dumping Ground. I have new boxes but that thing about spaces getting worse before they get better is oh so true. In fact, I left before the getting better bit started. But there is always tomorrow. 

Sean (Argentine Tango dancer amongst other things) popped by for coffee only we were closed but it was too cold to talk by the door so he came in and we talked in reception. Sean is now teaching dance and some serious bartering and swapping went on between the dancer and the osteopath. 

Sparkly Sonia will be running the crafting table at the next fair on March 3rd. Hannah will be running another one in the future for those that were very taken with her. Sonia will be making magic wands and hopefully conjuring up a prince or two. 

Tomorrow is Friday and therefore Tai Chi night for me. But also:

9:45am Matork Pilates with Teresa Thirwall (Osteopath and Pilates teacher)
11am Wriggle Rhythms with Sophie Headlong-Moore (Sophie is a fabulous group leader. She turns the hub into a fantasy world for an hour)
12noon Coffee time (and teatime)
2pm Beat the Blues
6:30pm Tai Chi with Sue Daniel (The start to my weekend. Tai Chi has made such difference to me. I sleep better and it marks switch off time - I love it)

Please put Thursday 8th March in your diaries from 10-1pm we will be having three Charity Craft Swaps (on the hour) in aid of Oxfam's International Women's Day. 

Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub
who are the driving force behind the Crafty Swap

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