Monday, 27 February 2012

Today at the hub...

Lovely to see Penny today. This weekend she included one of our old cafe's recipes on her website. We were a bit peeved that she forgot to bring in a sample (or they were so good she ate them all before Monday morning). Penny came in to collect orders for her Friday vegetable deliveries to the hub. She also had to be elsewhere so couldn't help with our bunting making. 

Kathy came into the hub today but we couldn't pull her away from her knitting. New visitor Rose wasn't so good at saying "No!" so we roped her in. Han, of The Craft Hub' fame, brought her sewing machine and Pip, also of 'The Craft Hub' brought material and we were good to go. We were making purple and pink bunting for the crafty swap for Oxfam International Women's Day. It was a hive of activity and with a bit of time this afternoon three strips of bunting are good to go. 

There was no Yoga Babies this week but it does start again next week. Lovely Naomi came anyway, let herself in, did some shopping in the hub, left the money and let herself out. Brilliant. If only everyone was as well trained ;) Thank you Naomi for supporting us.

Margaret Morris Movement was a great success this afternoon. Mum loved it. 

Then at 4pm, Han and Pip were back again to run their 'The Craft Hub's Make and Take Club for 5-11 year olds'. This week the children and parents were painting their Spring models which they had made last week. 

And now Janette will be in the hub with her mums-to-be at Lazy Daisy Active Birthing Classes. If you, or someone you know, is expecting a baby do have a look at Janette's Facebook page and website. She is planning all sorts of wonderful things. Her email is

Tomorrow at the hub we have:

Choir at 10am - 12noon
Coffee time and contemporary crafting at 12noon - 1:30pm
Babychino with Arabella 1:30-3:30pm

Sparkly Sonia will be making real magic wands with anyone who would like to join her. We also have lots of fabulous cakes, baby goodies, grown-up goodies, jewellery, Feldenkrais tips and a place to relax. 

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