Sunday, 12 February 2012


Children are very welcome to come to coffee time over half term. We have the toy box, the marble run, a new playmat thanks to Laura and play dough. We ask that you keep little ones safe as we have coffee machines and marbles around so it is not completely baby friendly but there are always lots of people to give cuddles and hold babies. This week Penny is starting her organic vegetable pick up scheme...see Friday. 

The key half term family activities are in RED

Yoga Babies 10:30am-11:30am
Coffee time at noon - 1:30pm - play dough and flapjack :)
Margaret Morris Movement...I'm not sure whether Shelia is running tomorrow's class as it is half term but regulars will have been told last week. 
Daisy Birthing Classes 6:30pm - 8pm
Family Crafting at 11am-12:30pm £3 per person. You need to book (email or ring 07950 961751). We will be weaving with the wonderful Lisa Purchase.
coffee time at noon - 1:30pm - Everyone is more than welcome but it will be crafty until 1:30pm
BabyChino Baby Group 2pm-3pm


Hatha Yoga 9:45 -10:45
Walk for Health 10:45 -12noon
Coffee time at noon -1:30pm Children are very welcome to come and play
Knitting group at noon -1:30pm
Babysign 2pm -3pm
Family Play Session with Tracey 11am -12noon £1.50 per person
 11:30am-1:30pm ORDER YOUR ORGANIC VEGETABLES  details...
Coffee time at noon -1:30pm again with play dough, the marble run and the toy box 
Beat the Blues (Women's Network) 2pm - 4pm

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