Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How the week flies by!

How can it be Wednesday already? 

Community choir was great as always. I missed my mum at coffee making time and we had jammy dodgers rather than flapjack but sometimes a retro biscuit hits the spot. I am saving up all my baking for the weekend's cake and craft fair.  We were singing songs from the musicals. I am more than happy to put my all into Les Mis' On My Own when haring up and down the motorway in the privacy of my car, but I couldn't quite muster up the courage to join in in public. 

We had a lovely coffee time yesterday which ran seamlessly into Arabella's fortnightly Babychino group.
From Arabella's Exeter Baby Activities Blog:
Babyccino today was full of lovely mummies and babies/children, all playing happily together while the grown ups drank coffee and ate biscuits. My kind of afternoon.
A successful afternoon on the real nappy front too – a pregnant mummy came along with lots of questions and was able to touch and see a whole range of nappies. As well as a nappy demo from me, she was able to chat to other cloth nappy users about their experiences of real nappies and just how easy they are to use.
Also arranged a loan of one of my trial kits, so that means I am booked now until April time but do let me know if you would like to go on the waiting list. If you don’t know about the Devon Real Nappy Trial, you can find out morehere.
Over the last few Babyccinos I have been helping a range of parents with their washable nappy questions, so of which are more unusual, so if you have any ideas on the following, I would love to hear them!
The fencing team came in the evening and have posted photos on their Facebook page. Proper musketeer stuff.

Thank you Simon for doing the washing up yesterday. It was lovely of you. 

Today is such a beautiful, sparkly day. The walking group are going for a gentle stomp up at the University where Davy wants to spot some otters. I would love to join them. It's a walk we used to do all the time when we were small. 

Roberta is starting her gentle yoga in the hub at 9:45am. This morning was the first morning I have walked into the hub and it has smelt like spring. Sun shining in. I love it. It's just like it was when we viewed it last summer. When I was putting the signs out, I walked out onto the green to stand in the sunshine for a moment. I was so distracted, I walked straight into someone. Luckily he was handsome! 

Then its coffee time and knitting and Cathy will be there drinking her endless cups of tea and asking for help with her crochet. I have everything crossed that Liz will be able to answer her question as it is beyond the capabilities of the 'Joey and Youtube' combo. 

At 2pm Sophie is here for her Babysign. Sophie has all sorts of exciting things in the pipeline for her Under One Roof organisation and I'll keep you posted (or pop in and ask Sophie). 

This weekend is our cake and craft fair on Saturday. Donations are very welcome. Thank you to Rachel, Lauren and Becky who have already offered to bake goodies for us. Your support is very much appreciated. 

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