Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday at the Hub

We had a busy coffee time and Davy and co had a sunny walk along the quay (change of plan - no otters).

A bit thank you to Verity for the baby seat which means little ones can sit on chairs now.
A big thank you to Liz who taught some more of us how to knit today and I can finally cast on (if I can remember how) and I look quite proficient.
A big thank you to Laura and Davy for the soon to arrive changing table.

Saturday 3rd March - Cake and Craft Fair
Thursday 8th March - Crafty Swap
Friday 9th March - Self-Help Workshop on Stress & Anxiety
Tuesday 3rd April - Health Question Time on Stress & Anxiety
Friday - vegetable collection (I get my first bag this Friday and I am really looking forward to it)
Saturday 28th April - World Tai Chi Day event

The ladies who run the baby and toddler-focused activities at the hub  - Under One Roof (Sophie Headlong-Moore), Exeter Baby Activities (Arabella Greatorex) and Lazy Daisy Birthing (Janette Davey) have all sorts of amazing things in the pipeline for the hub and elsewhere in Exeter. I will put everything I can on the blog and the calendar but do take a look at their websites or contact them directly for more information. I can give you their contacts or go to and look for their fliers.

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