Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hubby Update...

(Added later...I have just reread the title! Looks like a dating review!)

I have been totally hopeless at blogging recently but it doesn't mean that there is nothing to say...thank goodness. 

At the moment I am sitting at the back of choir listening and singing and catching up. On Tuesday mornings I have the best office space in the world. How many people get their own choir to work along to?  Peter is just magical. Such a great teacher and such fun (said like Miranda's mother!).

There is a lot in the pipeline at the hub. Our lunchtimes sessions are really buzzy except on Monday when they are quiet and a little underused. I am thinking of starting a group on Mondays but I am not sure what people would like. The quilting idea is still bouncing around. I have lots of quilting equipment which was donated to us by Ruth, I have a wonderful creative space to meet in and people who would love to join the group. The only problem is I can't quilt...yet! So if you know of anyone who has a bit of time and would like to help start up a quilting group, I would really love to be put in touch. 

We have a wonderful Craft Swap planned for Thursday 8th March. It's a collaboration between Hannah and Pip at THE CRAFT HUB and The Hub on the Green and it is in aid of Oxfam's International Women's Day. The Craft Hub ladies are giving their time and lots more, we are getting donations from other companies wherever we can and I have donated the hub for the day. The more help we get the greater the funds raised for Oxfam so if you would like to help/be involved/know more...please do get in touch. We are hoping for press coverage and publicity so it could be as simple as a emailing a contact or as helpful as a leaflet drop (all good exercise!). As always the hub thrives on teamwork (and being cheeky enough to ask for help when we need it). 


We have a new part time receptionist, Darren, starting at the Sustainable Health Centre next door which is great for me as it frees up a bit of time for me to create chaos elsewhere! Darren is one of the people who have been a real help at the hub. He has been a regular face at coffee times and gets stuck in wherever help is needed. He is doing a few hours next door to help us out which is great.

We also have our next craft fair in the diary for Saturday March 3rd 10:30am-4:30pm which is my birthday. My Lottie said, "You can't do a fair on your birthday!" but I think it'll be really good fun. Lots of cakes and lots of people...that's a party!

Now the choir are singing our hub song, written and composed by Peter our choir leader. It's beautiful. The percussion from the builders sorting out the roof is taking away from the emotion slightly. They aren't even banging in time! One day I hope the choir will get a chance to perform...they are like our hub secret at the moment and yet they sound so good. Let's see what Peter says.

More later...it's coffee time...

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