Thursday, 23 February 2012

Penny's How to Knit Workshop...TOMORROW!

Penny's How to Knit Workshop for beginners and improvers at The Hub on the Green tomorrow noon-1:30pm with lovely and expert knitters/crocheters Liz and Victoria there to help out too. 

Everyone welcome. 
Just come along. 
For more details ring Joey on 07950 961751.

And there will be marmalade cake (baking at the mo) and coffees and teas too. It's going to be fab. I feel I am on the verge of knitting something good! :)

This is the first of Penny's How to... Workshops in collaboration with Transition Exeter. They will be on a range of topics so keep an eye out for the next one. I know she has all sorts of excitements planned. 

And keep an eye out for us in the Echo next week. We are going to be one of seven things to do in the week beginning 1st March. Lovely and very supportive Catherine Fraser is leaving the Echo this week which means she will have plenty of time to frequent the hub and help me with my grammar! 

Tomorrow is a full day at the hub:

9:45am Matwork Pilates with Teresa
11am Wriggle Rhythms with Sophie
12noon coffee time and How to Knit Workshop
2pm Beat the Blues Session (the last one)
6:30pm Tai Chi with Sue

I also have a meeting with Simon from CVS and some other local organisations at lunchtime about a project that is in the pipeline. So Isabel's fabulous (and I have to say incredibly fancy and hi-tech) baby monitor (with torch) will be put to good use. After struggling with trying to be in a two places at once for months, the baby monitor means I don't miss a thing and is such a ridiculously simple solution. I can hear the doorbell ring for the health centre when I am in the hub, I can hear the phone when I am out of the room, I can hear if someone comes into the reception when I am in the hub, I can hear when people have conversations about me when they think I'm not there (that hasn't happened YET but I have had to say to everyone that the walls have ears). The other day when I took the receiver into the ladies loo I did for a moment wonder whether it was a two-way system But anyway, all that aside, it means I can be in two places at once and it has made life so much simpler so thank you Simon for the idea and Isabel for the monitor. 

Night night and see you for knitting :)

Serious faces are down to the high concentration levels. No adults were miserable during the taking of these photos! 

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