Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hub news...

Oh how do we top today's face painting, brownies and pass the parcel? Thank you all for joining in and listening to Devil Women with lots of pauses. Congratulations to Clare…our more reluctant passer who then went on to win! And look at my arm…

I showed it to the roomful of care home managers this afternoon. Sonia manages to raise a smile even when she's not there. That's a gift. 

And thank you to Cathy who baked these fabulous goodies for the community choir. The musical biscuits were very cool!

A massive thank you to Liz Croft who taught us to make crochet baubles in Carers' TLC and who came with special little kits for us all. Thank you to Claire Casely who ran the guided mediation session in the second half…one of the group came out and said, "I'm floating". And thank you to Sally who made the most addictive peanut butter slices. Yum!

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