Monday, 18 November 2013

It's Paper Chain Time

THIS WEEK AT THE HUB>>> So this week at the hub we got off to a flying start with a busy Babyccino and the coffee timers watched me make miles of paper chains! Only one stapler…schoolgirl error. 
Tomorrow at the hub we have our usual choir, coffee time and crafting and then The Still Rooms Deluxe Product Making Party 
Wednesday we have coffee time and knitting group, cake collection for The Philippeans fundraising, double Tai Chi and Sahaja Yoga Meditation. I am going on three Kissing It Better visits to care home in Sidmouth and Paignton (who put those two on opposite sides of Exeter?)
Thursday we have Pyjama Drama as usual and the start of after school Pyjama Drama Sunbeams session at 4pm. It's our Social Enterprise Meeting to celebrate Social Enterprise Day up at the uni's Innovations Centre. Then it's Mindfulness in the evening. 

Friday is Craft Fair Eve! It's also Monkey Music, Baby Massage, Crafting and Coffee time. Then on Saturday from 10:30-4 it's our fabulous Christmas Craft Fair. More details of everything at or email

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