Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Magical Day

Yesterday was a lovely day at the cafe. We had a real buzz, until I got a little over-passionate about something and talked too much. Thank goodness, thought Steve, for pick-up time at school so I couldn't earbash him any more. Rescued by the 3:05pm bell.

We have created an amazing place - not just the cafe staff but the wider community. A member of the PCT came and told us that the talk of the upstairs offices was how much they love us (or their tummies love us? They like to eat!). We appreciate comments like that. It makes us feel valued and that's important. We were complimented on our food and our company (until the ear-bashing bit). Nicole handed out make-up tips to Liz and myself. We gave out photographs to a special customer of her wedding day, finding homes for precious things. It's another day where the extended cafe family made going to work a pleasure. Oh and the Youtube video of fainting goats...that was a good moment too. Did I get all my work done? No, but I had a magical day!

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