Monday, 7 March 2011

One of the StartHeroes Came to Visit!

Today Jane from StartHere came to visit us today from London to get a feel for the cafe and the role of the health facilitator. StartHere have lent us the orange information kiosk and I am about to start asking for feedback, which is enough to send people fleeing to the hills. 

It is always nice to show people around. I think it gives you a glimpse of our centre though a strangers eyes and it is an amazing place. When you come in nearly every day it becomes normal but we need to remember is that we're not normal (don't quote me on that!). If we were the norm, the UK would be a happier and healthier place (in my opinion). 
Simon, Jane and Ruth
So that is our mission (and yours too should you choose to accept it) to make Cafe Sustain and the Health Facilitator model so normal and everyday that people come to expect it as part of their health care and health centre, wherever they are.

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