Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hub News...

I absolutely love what I do. I have the best place in the world to work and I have the best people in the hub to keep me company but tripping over my desk was the final straw. I have an excellent bruise and it's developing nicely but I can't show anyone because it's in a ridiculous place. 

There are lots of people in my new hub world that are so fantastically giving and I am the lucky beneficiary in lots of ways. I have had phone calls and text messages, Facebook messages and a knitted cup of tea and they were all just the tonic. If you are struggling, come and benefit from our hub people. They are the perfect remedy for people who are out of sorts. 

Today: Liz taught Luke to knit last week and this week he came in with a good 30cm of fabulous knitting. Liz also knitted me my cup of tea...

Thank you: We have a choir using the hub on Saturday and they need more chairs than we have. Penny has asked the Cathedral whether we can borrow some and arranged it all. She has made what could have been a tricky situation very easy for me so thank you Penny.

Thank you #2: Lisa Purchase and I had a very long car park chat yesterday. Lisa came up with ideas for the hub's coffee time and how to improve it. Lisa is our amazing contemporary craft teacher. We were bouncing a lot of ideas around yesterday about how to make enough money from what we do to make it sustainable. If you have any thoughts Blog Reader please do email. Even if it is a criticism of the way we do things now, if it leads to a better community hub I would love to hear it. 

New People: I met a lovely man yesterday called Adam who sprung out of nowhere. He was a bit like Carolina who I met last week. Very warm, very wise and very gentle. People like that are good to be around. Our Sarah Hewlett is like that too. Sarah is the one running the self-help workshop on Friday at the hub. 

Today: Today we were spoilt in the hub. Penny was on top play form (this is little Penny aged 2 not Penny's Recipe's Penny) so she was great company. Davy was making the coffees (I think it was Davy). Our lovely ladies brought in knitting patterns and needles for us as well as a beautiful little pink hat. So our 'Teach People to Knit' Kits (Jane how should I punctuate that???) are taking shape. 

Elbow Grease: Penny (not the 2 year old) has been on a mission this week. On Saturday I had a brass polishing lesson. I'll post a picture and you can see if you can work out which is my letterbox and which is the one Penny has tackled. It won't be hard! Then on Monday Penny brought in Brasso Deluxe (it's not really called that so please don't go looking for it) and with more elbow grease she was at it again. I can't get as 'into' it as Penny but at least one of the letterboxes is looking good. 

If you came to the craft fair you may well have seen Lauren's cakes (you would have had to have been there within minutes of her delivering them as they sold out fast). Lauren has a great website Last night Lauren offered more cakes for our fair on Saturday 31st March. The answer was "YES PLEASE!" 

And finally yesterday I gave a couple a tour of the hub, The Sustainable Health Centre and the Devon and Exeter Institution next door. When they bumped into Darren in the reception area they immediately recognised him from his photo on the article he wrote for East Devon Coast and Country. How cool is that? That's practically celebrity status. 

We have had lots of enquiries about using the hub from a variety of groups this week including Carousel, two dance groups, singing for wellbeing, birthday parties, our music video and drumming! 

I love the hub!

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