Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday's Hub

I spent most of the day talking about the future of weekends at the hub. Penny and I were thrashing out some ideas about foody things. 

Tomorrow HARVEST have organised a meeting of local foody organisations and we had given the hub as a meeting place. I learnt a little late in the day that it is a bring-a-plate meeting so I will be knocking up one of our cafe favourites at the hub tomorrow before 5:30pm. 

I am also desperate to organise a jumble sale. I love the idea. Jumble sale, tombola, tea and cakes. Sounds perfect to me. Hannah 'Make and Take Club' Coopland-Smith was well up for a bit of jumble sale rummaging and that's all the encouragement I need. Let me know what you think. 

We are booking in more and more birthday parties. It is such a great venue for little ones' parties. It's central, we have everything you need and it's a little bit magical. 

Wednesday evenings at the hub are now taken. Tai Chi is moving to an early Wednesday session from 6:30-7:45pm so there is still a later slot available. Brownies are coming to use the hub on Friday nights which is going to be great. I am going to put the availability on the website asap to make it easier for prospective course leaders to see what is up for grabs as there is a bit of chopping and changing, as is the nature of a place like the hub as courses finish and plans evolve.

Tonight's Make and Take Club were making Easter baskets. They were such busy bunnies...
Ella and Olivia with baskets :)

Joe and Pip

Tom and Sue

Tomorrow at the hub...
...toasted teacakes (Make and Take gobbled them all up so I'm off shopping first thing) with David's blackcurrant jelly (Penny and I sampled the combo today and it was a goody). Choir with Peter at 10am, contemporary crafting with Lisa at noon and coffee time too, there is NO baby group tomorrow afternoon but you are welcome to come and play at coffee time. Then there will be the HARVEST meeting at 6pm and Fencing at 9pm...touché!

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