Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Quirky Tuesday

It's been a quirky day at the hub and at the Sustainable Health Centre. I am typing this with a sore wrist as I have just tripped over my desk, snapped the key in the door and hurt myself.

The day started badly when I woke up and realised that I hadn't told someone about an early morning meeting so I was in at 7:30am to check the diary half-dressed and with wet hair. It turned out they knew all along.

Choir was amazing today. What I loved most about it was Prim. Prim came, had a ball and left grinning.

Coffee time and contemporary crafting was buzzy and busy. Lisa had them all creating different things. Rag-rugging, weaving, appliqué, machine embroidery...the works. Lisa's groups are amazing. She inspires people in a very gentle and encouraging way to create amazing things. Then Sophie had her heuristic play and rhymes session sadly this was the last one but Arabella's will still be running fortnightly from next Tuesdays. She her website

I also had a call from Ed, lead singer of a band who wanted to look at the hub for a music video shoot involving a bald eagle. How cool are we!!! ;)

We also booked in another birthday party. That's a good use of the hub. It fills it full of happy squeals.

I am off home in a bit for a large rib (3 to be precise) of Piper's Farm beef which I have been dreaming of for nearly a year. My Dad has taken pity on me and has ordered one for my birthday supper. Yummy! If my wrist carries on like this I may have to get Lottie to cut up my supper for me :(

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