Thursday, 29 March 2012

Marvellous Davy's Alphabet

Hopefully everyone knows by now that there is a short, 1 hour, health walk from The Hub every Wednesday. We leave at 1045 from the Cathedral Green end of the passageway. We return with tales of the marvels we have seen, normally by the waterside, to drink coffee and knit, or chat, in The Hub. You will certainly be aware that walking is the best and easy cure for a multitude of health issues. The "dementia time bomb" can almost certainly be offset by walking and activity, watch this space for new government initiatives. Walking also especially favours ladies of a certain age with regards to bone density issues and absolutely everyone benefits from the mental positivity walking brings. There are so many good reasons to walk but from A-Z here are 26 of them:

Anxiety: Distraction from worry. Escape the source of torment. Space and time to consider your issues.

Blood Pressure: 25% of adults suffer from high blood pressure resulting in a significant increase in the risks of heart attack. Walking can reduce this as rapidly as 3-4 weeks with daily and increasingly longer walks.

Cancer: Walking and other exercise helps to prevent cancer (as part of an overall healthy lifestyle) and during recent trials it was found that incorporating walking into a recovery plan helped sufferers to get better quickly.

Diabetes: 18 million people in the UK suffer from diabetes, a rise of 30% since 1996. Walking can significantly reduce the risk that you will develop diabetes.


Esteem: Walking will improve your self esteem especially if you walk within a group.

Flexibility: Walking maintains joint flexibility. It also strengthens muscle and tissue around the joints promoting a greater range of movement.

Gradients: Get your heart and lungs working and help improve fitness.

Heart Disease: You can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 50% by walking.


Introducing Others: Your friend/partner/relative will discover the benefits and you will have more people to walk with.

Joy: Walking, especially in Green Spaces provides a proven sense of well-being. Walking by water gives a healthy dose of negative ions.

Kids: Couch potato children are constantly in the headlines. Walking is an excellent, non-competitive way to introduce youngsters to exercise.

Longevity: Walk More=Live Longer. It's official. One study of retired men showed that walking 2 miles a day cut their mortality rate in half.


More in the next exciting episode! Best, Davy

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