Monday, 12 March 2012

A quickie of last week

I have been so out of touch with my blog and the trouble is that you can't press pause on hub-life while you catch up. I decided not to take my laptop home this weekend which is why I am so behind but it had huge benefits. I am going to try and do the same all week so by Friday I will either be refreshed with a new-found structure to my day or I will be a sobbing wreck because I have fallen so far behind. 

Catch up time...last Thursday which was our joint venture (The Craft Hub and The Hub on the Green) for International Women's Day. We held a crafty swap and it was really good fun. We raised £270 and had a great time, met lots of new people and ate lots of cake. 

We had some great helpers. Han, Pip and I were there. Lovely Sue ran the raffle, Nicola from Mrs Gingers Cakes baked for the event and Wendy was a big help tidying up and taking any unswapped and unwon (!) raffle prizes to Oxfam. Thank you everyone. It is magic when people muck in and a job gets done unexpectedly quickly. A big thank you to Rory, Tom, Dan and Florian who work next door and who were forced into buying cake. 

Friday was gentle. We had lovely visitors in for coffee. One lady was such great company but it turned out she lives bloomin' miles away. So I asked her to move! David (our jam maker) popped by and looked really well and was in great spirits. A lovely man called Adrian came in and we had a chat in the corridor. He's another one that I am sure could teach us/guide us at the hub. Penny's vegetables arrived. Tonight Lottie and I are having cauliflower and almond soup and last night we had kale and bacon. Penny is doing us the world of good. 

On Friday afternoon, Sarah Hewlett ran her self-help workshop on relaxation (stress & anxiety). It was such a good workshop. She is a wonderful teacher and I felt so sleepy and calm by the end. I really wanted to curl up like a dormouse and sleep for a week but obviously couldn't.  I did have a lovely weekend though so I think the Sarah and no laptop combo worked well. I hope Sarah will run more sessions in the future, so if you would like me to contact you with details of further courses as they come up, let me know. 

Sarah is also one of the panel on Health Question Time (see below).

This weekend we had a choir of 50 using the hub. They were from Coastal Voices. Penny arranged for me to borrow some chairs from the Cathedral which was amazing as I had no plan b! Thank you Penny and Ian. I went to Crikey It's Vintage (twice!) and had such a good time. I had fabulous cake from KABU. I also won in their raffle. I won the lottery too. Had breakfast at River Cottage, tea at Town Mill at Lyme and sat in the sunshine for the first time in yonks. Roll on Spring. If only every weekend could be like that one! 
If anyone would like to put up a lovingly coloured in poster for our next Cake and Craft Fair on Saturday 31st March, that would be wonderful. 

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