Monday, 19 March 2012

Last Friday at the hub...

Friday was a lot of fun at the hub. Penny was in the alley letting people know about her fabulous vegetable scheme that means you can order whatever you like and collect it from the hub on Fridays. Lottie was making good use of the mushrooms this morning and we're cauliflower and almond souping it this evening. I think I have fed her too much purple sprouting broccoli - something I didn't think was possible. I think Lottie and I may have developed a slightly purple tinge to our skin too. 

The absolute bonus of Penny being at the end of the alley is that she sent lots of people into the hub who had never been in before. I met a lovely history student, a whole group of day visitors who came in en masse and loved our tea and biscuits, the man who flew in for a coffee and straight out again and the three WI ladies as well as the lovely lady who used to live here as well as Ruth Tucker who is the health facilitator we used to work with at our last hub in Cullompton. I remembered to curtsey to the president of the St Thomas' WI. She said there was no need but I think there was. The lovely Anne, Madie and Joyce came in to have a nosy and stayed for a giggle. I am going to join them...fourth Wednesday of every month. Beetle drives, scrabble nights, baking's perfect!

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