Monday, 5 March 2012

Cake and Craft Fair 3rd March

Our Cake and Craft Fair on Saturday was our busiest and best yet. It was an amazing team effort and I have had so many lovely comments already. Thank you to everyone who helped to run it and thank you to everyone who came along and supported it. I think a gold start goes to Amelia and Sue who came for coffee in the morning, did a bit of shopping and came back for afternoon tea. I love them for that :)

Making Table: Sonia and all her busy little creative joiner-inners were making magic wands, dream catchers and tickling sticks on the crafting table. In many households Sunday was spent perfecting spells. 

We had Lou, Sarah, Sam, Elaine, Jenny and Sonia selling their crafts. Penny was there with information on her fabulous Organic Vegetable scheme. Klaas Overzee was telling people about Feldenkrais. My Lottie ran her pocket money stall as well as selling for people who couldn't make it to the fair (the wonderful screen printed baby grows, Soap Daze and Jenny's knitting). 

Rachel, Eleanor and I sorted the cakes and coffees. Lauren, Becky, Zoe, Rachel and I did the baking and we did well! For the first time ever we judged the amounts just right (but my friends who normally gobble up the leftovers weren't so impressed). 

We had fabulous visitors. Some who we've known from the start and have been coming each month, some who saw us in the Echo and came to have a look, some just passing by and some brought by a friends. I have adopted Joy who says she is going to come and live at the hub. That's good news for us all as she is such fun (Miranda's mum again!) and can knit. Hurray!

The cleaning up was a dream thanks to Simon, Mum, Lottie and Sonia. We get more organised and swifter at this fair malarky every month. 

We already have Hannah (who made the fabulous treasure boxes with everyone at the February fair) coming to run the crafting table, Ruvina will be face-painting, Little Stitch will be back, Sarah 'Paint Me a Pitcure' Macdonald and Sarah Hewlett (acupressurist and reflexologist) are all going to be there. We still have a bit of space. 

At the next fair I will be without my family team. Lottie, Mum and Simon are all away as is Eleanor so I would love a helping hand behind the cafe/cake table if anyone could spare an hour or two. It's Saturday 31st March 10:30-4:30. Upstairs Dan??? 


  1. I'll be happy to provide cupcakes again for the 31st if you need any :) I'm planning some cute Easter themed ones for the blog anyway so im happy to share :)

    1. Oh Lauren, that would be great...thank you so much :)