Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Badge-Making, Brownies and Bedlam!

Question: How many perfectly capable people does it take to operate a badge-maker? 
Answer: Seven (or more than six because we had six and we were struggling!)

But we got there in the end...Em and Rachael turned up first and we got stuck in. Stuck in to a packet of ginger nuts and making a mess. It took me less than an hour to get the coffee on and that is progress. Then Sharon and Lisa turned up. The trouble was that I had imagined a lot of fabric-backed badges but the badge-maker didn't like working with fabric so I was a bit thrown (excuses excuses). Lottie just gets on with it and makes really cool badges. Maybe we were trying too hard?
Late morning, Em and Rachael had to go (or made their escape) because little ones and jobs were calling but thank you both so much for coming and giving up your time and thank you for the biscuits and relentless circle-cutting. 
Once we had decided that paper was the way to go (and mum turned up) suddenly things started to go a little more smoothly (it may have been the coffee and biscuits kicking in). By the time we really got into the swing of it, we ran out of badge backs! I think the overall feeling was let the children make the badges. But I loved it, learnt a lot and oh boy did we make a mess! Sharon, Mum, Lisa, Em and Rachael thank you thank you thank you. 
Then it dawned on me, I was so busy that I forgot to take any photos! But here are some after-the-event photos...

Sharon's boats

Sharon & Lisa even had time for a bit of shopping
Becky popped by with Alexander. Becky was one of our lovely cafe customers. She brought us brownie cubes and Percy pigs. What a star! They were much needed and much appreciated sustenance so thank you. In return Becky got Flappy Joey who was desperate to return the chaotic hub to tidyish hub. Becky, if you are reading this, I am sorry that I was such a terrible hostess and even put you to work. I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. And thank you for our hub-warming presents. Such a lovely thing to do. And again - no photos :(

Later acupuncturist Lee Burton came by to take a look at the centre and the hub. He runs the Natural Health Practice at the centre in Cullompton. Hopefully he will be involved in our centre too. We will see. He was more interested in the roof than the badge-making! Our roof is going to be serious competition. We may have to hone our attention-seeking behaviour to make sure we get the attention we deserve!!! 

Lee Burton & Simon
Get involved:
If you would like to collect any blank postcards to create a doodle for our affordable art gallery, let me know. Our definition of a doodle is anything you can fit on a postcard - painting, printing, knitting, drawing, sketching...anything goes as long as you are happy to donate it and you think someone else would enjoy it. We are starting to get the doodles back in and they look great. Well done doodlers.

Sharon has been busy creating a display for the affordable art gallery. 
It looks a bit strange laid out like that but it'll make sense when you see it. Thank you Sharon. It is a great idea and you solved a big problem as we can't stick anything on the walls or pin anything up so this is genius. 

Our craft fair is this Saturday (10:30am-2pm) and it is really taking shape. It is also the Green Fair on the Cathedral Green so if you are going to one you could visit the other. If you fancy baking us a cake, we would be very grateful - if you aren't a baker then we would love to see you and feedback is really important to us so if you come and can see where an improvement could be made or have a cunning plan then please let me know. We will improve far faster with your help and support. There will be a comment book on the day (Rachael's idea) or email me after the event. 

You can make your own badge on Saturday for 95p and show us how it's done!

If you have any craft materials sitting unloved at home and you would like to sell them on to make yourself some money, let me know and I will explain how things work. It's easy peasy.

Rachael's latest creation which will be for sale at our fair on Saturday

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  1. Hi Joey,

    it was lovely to pop in and see you and your hub! I can imagine where you are now! You were a fab hostess and I was given coffee, a chair, and a good chat, what more would I need!

    will definitely come in on Sat and I may even make a cake if I get time!

    think you're doing a fantastic job, and will keep reading the blog with much interest!

    love Becs x