Monday, 31 October 2011

Babies Today, Birds Tomorrow

Wow! I'm liking the first day of the new half term. First dad came in and gave me a Dragon's Den style interrogation. He's going to be my Peter Jones (but without the snazzy socks) and whittle me into shape. It was a great meeting and it helped me get my head around the bit of the business I am not so fond of.

Then Yoga Babies started with a great turnout. I listened from outside the door and loved every moment. I so wanted to join in. They said that next week I could take my teddy bear and join in! I may actually do that. I really wanted to go in and get a photo but I didn't want to interrupt Nikkie's teaching. By the time I went in babies were feeding or asleep in pushchairs. Luckily for me Emily and Audrey were still in position...

Alexander was so relaxed after his yoga

Tomorrow is Lisa's craft class. Last week it was temporarily hijacked by all out families for Halloween so I am really looking forward to getting back to our printing. If you would like to see what we are up to or join in just pop along at 10am. 


  1. Yoga Babies was wonderful, all the babies were so good and so relaxed afterwards. Thanks Nikkie! And Joey for lovely coffee and chat afterwards. Will look forward to next week (by which time I may have finished painting!) xx

  2. Get a Dulux Paint Pod Compact. It's the way forward! xxx