Thursday, 27 October 2011

Who needs Vincent and Flavia?

Lottie and I are just back from picking up our Paint Pod Compact! If I am going to spend the weekend painting the old practice to restore it to it's former glory before handing it back to the landlord, I am going to do it with a gadget (and a cut price gadget from eBay at that). It looks a bit fiddly so it will probably be relished on eBay before Monday but we'll see. 

It's Kim's Kitsch Stitching tomorrow. I have been using the bag I decorated with felt flowers last week to smuggle secret pressie things for Lottie home from The Hub. Only the musical biscuit tin started playing when I knocked it against the door so that surprise was ruined. Anyway why not pop in for a cup of something and let the children play (or they could join you for a bit of stitching). We are open to everyone from noon to 1:30pm to drop by and the kettle will be on and Lottie will be our waitress. 

I am very excited about tomorrow because not only do I get to put something else in my present box after stitching group but we have some Argentine Tango dancers coming to test out the floor of The Hub so see if it is suitable. I asked them to bring their dancing shoes but apparently they can just look to see whether the floor is suitable so I had to insist that they bring their shoes. Fingers crossed for a demonstration. 

I am also meeting a local lady at lunchtime who I found on the web who makes berry tea cosies. I hope she will come and be a part of our craft fair. I may have to use the teapot tomorrow especially for her visit. 

Sleep well everyone and I hope to see as many people tomorrow as we had on Wednesday :)

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