Monday, 15 October 2012

Birthday Week

No blogging for ages. It’s been such a busy time a the hub. It not that I haven’t wanted to it’s just I haven’t got around to it. 

We had our first birthday on Wednesday last week. It was a magical day. Balloons, cake and flowers, singing and lots of tweets and Facebook messages. I made a slideshow of our first year and although it took me ages (my first one) it produced lots of smiles. Particularly with the little ones who get such pleasure from seeing themselves on the screen.

I went to a steering meeting of ESENCE at the Bike Shed Theatre Bar. Such a great venue. Lorna had a hot toddy to soothe her cold and it was a hugely productive meeting. We wrote down our aims and vision and had a lot of laughs too. 

It was a soggy day on the Cathedral Green...

Then it was off to CVS for their open afternoon. There seems to be an awful lot going on there. I am yet to scratch the surface. I drank oodles of tea a scootled off before the AGM began. 

I had a great meeting with Gustavo Lara Perez who run Tacos Machos came for a meeting and has a Mexican food fest planned for 24th November...yum!!!

I had a late night on Thursday when I had a phonecall at midnight to arrange access to the hub for someone who had left their keys inside...arrrghhhh!

On Friday I had a meeting with the members of our Unicorn project. We thrashed through the logistics of getting a project off the ground. 

Lauren made great progress on the mosaic. We still need more green pottery if anyone has any. There is a lot of grass in the design.

This Saturday we had a naming ceremony at the hub. Little Charlie’s mum Heather did the most amazing tidying up job. Thank you Heather and I am glad you had a good time. Lunchtime today may have been busier if I had taken your private party sign down!

Sunday was a day off :)

Today was a busy one. Simon Bowkett and Simon Mills had a Unicorn meeting in the hub this morning as Yoga Babies were on holiday. There were some pretty impressive sketches when I came back in. I had to collect the Interlink parcel which was our flyers and entry forms for The Exeter Tea Cosy Competition...this particular courier company seems to struggle with the delivery part of their job. Totally hopeless. So I drove down to Marsh Barton and did their job for them. I think I played into their hands. But we have flyers.  Lauren is carrying on the mosaic and has got the glue out. I met with Lovely Hannah from Magic Carpet to get some ideas in action. Sally Sedgeman popped by and after a lot of chat I have some homework to do to glam up the hub for some photo shoots. HELP!!! Simon and I are looking at ways to move forward into year two to make the hub even better. Then Lauren and I went to collect Lottie and discuss how to put people into our mosaic over hot chocolate and croissant at Bel Green. I am not sure we are any closer to solving the dilemma. 

This week we have a busy one. People have settled into the new term so we are finding a routine which should leave some time to explore new things. 

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