Friday, 5 October 2012

It's the Fair Tomorrow

It's been such a busy week. The two jobs which have been hanging over me for a while are done and dusted which is a huge relief. One was the poster for The Great Exeter Tea Cosy (which I started again from scratch last weekend and I am really happy with now after a summer of designing a different one) and I sent in a bid for a carers' project (which has been in the pipeline for a while).

We have had lots of visitors to the hub this week and lots of news as a result. I met with a group who want a monthly drop in and links to the therapies next door, I met with Musarat at Hikmat to find out more about what they do, we have a confirmed Theatre of Dreams to run a theatre workshop for 7-12 year olds on the Monday of half term, I met with some guys from Shillhay who ended up donating a stack of tiles for our mosaic project, Liz has a teapot trophy for the Tea Cosy Competition and prizes are arriving through the post daily, the fliers and entry forms are on the way and we have judges confirming too.

I met with Peter who runs our Magic Carpet Community Choir today and he has plans to add to our video for the tea cosy competition. So if you are coming to choir on Tuesday and have a tea cosy at home, please can you bring it along.

Tomorrow is our Cake and Make Fair. Verity & Co and Baking Club's Lauren were superstars this morning and they helped me set up. Lauren, Lottie and I also went to Scrapstore to collect a pile of goodies for tomorrow's making corner. Brownies and flapjacks are done and it'll be the perfect place to hide from the rain.

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