Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Exeter Daily visited today

I missed choir today as I went up to a meeting at CVS. I usually work just outside the hub on Tuesday mornings so I can hear the singing and don't feel I am missing out too much. I came back to the hub for coffee time to read on Facebook that Arabella had taken my place as choir's eavesdropper and she loved every minute. Good job A - an excellent stand in.

My meeting this morning was the Carers' Networking Meeting and was quite something. What amazing provision we have in Devon for Carers. Although it sounds like a key is encouraging carers to utilise the services and getting carers to see themselves as carers and acknowledge what they do. There is a lot of flag flying to do. I have come away with a new definitions of caring and a reading list. I was soaking up the information and made some great links but had to leave early to look after hubworld. But... I am really pleased to have been invited to share what we do at the hub with a group within the NHS. We're getting there!

Someone said to me today that they had never seen the hub so busy. It wasn't too busy, it just had a lovely buzz about it. There were all the crafters on the tables with Sparkly Sonia, all doing different things but all inspired by the arty bits and bobs she pulled out of her retro suitcase. Just have a look at what's on the tables in these photos. We had the mums and babies on the mat and I was reading a story on the sofa although I struggled to get my words out. I found 'Blackthorn Fairy' a tricky thing to say today.

We had a visit from Natalie, editior of The Exeter Daily, who came and observed and chatted and listened and nearly got a parking ticket. We also had a visit from Ian who took away a pile of cake for his lunch on the condition that he would eat properly tonight. Charlie was a fab tour guide while I was tied up on the sofa and coffee time ran (with some manic tidying in-between - good work everyone) into Arabella's Babyccino which was busy and buzzy too.

Arabella has taken some Great Exeter Tea Cosy flyers down to St Thomas. Do you have anywhere you would like to see flyers?

Christmas bookings are filling up the weekends. It must be 'Book a Party Week' only no one told me in advance.

Right I am off for the night. Carolyn's Women's Choir will be starting any minute (7-9pm on Tuesdays).

Tomorrow at the hub...Double Yoga, coffee time and knitting group where Diana will be coming to ask questions for a book she is writing then Tai Chi at 6:30pm but it's completely full. So full I have to take some tables out.

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