Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Waiting for the dough to rise

Now seems like the perfect time to catch up with my neglected blog. I am waiting for my donuts to rise and it looks like I could be waiting indefinitely! It's Exeter Baking Club tomorrow and the practice run on Sunday went so well, I thought I would try again.

Today has been a busy one. Choir this morning had four new members and as I was working in the alley I could hear them singing and they sounded great. Coffee time was busy and we were joined by Chantal for the first time at crafting group. She out-crafted us all with her fish canvas. Sonia (who runs our crafting group) has been in contact with Gloss Gallery and we were taking part in their 20x20 event. People submit 20x20cm works of art to be sold in aid of Hospiscare.

The Exeter Tea Cosy Competition is really taking shape. Lots of people are really excited about it which is just what Liz and I wanted. We have posters, flyers on the way and entry forms so it's all looking good. 

I need to go and fry my donuts so I will continue tomorrow!

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