Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cake & Make Fair Oct 2012

Jocelyn's  first doodle
Kat's tree doodle

Emma's apple cake

Lauren's marshmallow surprise cupcakes

Our unofficial birthday cake

Sarah's choc chip cake

Henry and William making

Penny's rock cakes

Kat, Jocelyn, Liz, Connie & Lottie

Verity's icecream cupcakes

Verity's icecream cupcakes

My cake of the day with cream cheese frosted Guinness cake 
Rachel made umpteen necklaces and bracelets
with a little help from her friends

Fara's henna

Fara's henna on dad

Lottie's henna by Nazima

Fara's henna with glitter
Kesia's henna by Kesia

Kesia's bracelet

Tom's creation

Robyn's henna

Robyn's beautiful necklace 

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