Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Best Office in the World

I'm sitting in the hub and it's really quiet. I love it then it's quiet and I can sit in the space and work. I love it when it's busy too but the quiet time is my 'take it all in' time. We are so lucky to have such a spectacular space. A lawyer popped in today to come for a coffee. I told her there was no coffee time on a Thursday. Then she told me she only wanted to have a coffee so she could see the roof. So I let her in. The place is there to be shared. She was wowed by it and taught me things I didn't know. It reminds me how lucky we are. 

The Argentine tango dancers have arrived so I've moved to the stairs. I have the best office in the world. Look at my view...
Felix and his partner dancing
We had our usual classes today. Leaf drawing in art class and more architecture lessons too. I spread the word about Tea Cosy Competition on Fore Street and popped in to see Arabella's pop up baby shop in McCoy's Arcade. What a great idea. Whilst there, I bumped into Unique Boutique who was meeting with Handmade Arcade. It's all happening in Exeter and if you love craft fairs you are going to be spoilt this wintertime. If you want to know more, get in touch. 

I got an early text from Choirmaster Peter who having a giggle at our Express & Echo article in today's paper (page 33). He wasn't the only one. 

I had two more bookings for parties today. One launching his film and another is a 4th butterfly birthday party.  

Tonight we had our ESENCE meeting at the hub. It's a group for Social Enterprises and Cooperatives in Exeter and I was in charge of tonight's speed-dating (as well as taking the minutes). It wasn't as easy as I first thought to sort out when you don't know the numbers and names of the attendees. I roped in help from Upstairs Lee and as instructed numbered all my chairs. Then put three different number sets in pots and instructed everyone to take one number of each colour. These corresponded to the chair numbers for each three minute 'date'. The chair called out the timings and the colours and it all went really smoothly. Only I've used permanent pen. Doh! No one in the meeting admitted to having speed-dated before so no one had any better suggestions. I think maybe next time we'll try a lock and key party. Just to be clear especially after Simon Bowkett (Pinhoe councillor with clearly not enough to do)'s claims that I am using the Echo as a dating agency which is an entirely false allegation, it was a speed-networking activity. And it worked really well. It was a brilliant meeting all round. 

Tomorrow I am off for a Tweeter's Tour of CVS so I will know who are the people behind the Twitter messages. I also have people popping in to talk tea cosies, we have baby massage, coffee time and Penny's vegetable collection if you have ordered (or order for next week if you haven't). I also need to move the oven to the alley for next weeks baking club. 

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