Thursday, 18 October 2012

It's all about the tea cosies...

The day started well. I remembered to bring in my bucket of St Ives beach glass for Lauren's mosaic, the handle broke but it all stayed in the bucket. I was brought a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows before 9am and so the hub pixies were on good form.

I returned the crockery boxes down to Hospiscare. Two new eBay dresses arrived in the post. One lovely the other looked nothing like the photo online. Had a piece of caramel shortbread to compensate.

Rebecca's art class was a messy one today but they cleared up beautifully. My cream chairs have a new pattern in pastels but cream was a stupid colour to choose in the first place. It is quite amazing what people can achieve in a couple of hours.

These are Rebecca's photos from last weeks session before they broke into colour.

Great to see Sharon Soap Daze who came to collect some saucers. 

In the morning I met with Lucy and Rowena who came in to talk about one thing and left having signed up to something completely different. Lucy will hopefully be coming to one of our Cake & Make Fairs in the new year to do some quilling using old maps and Rowena will be at our December fair to do comic strip sketches for people. The hub works in mysterious ways. 

Another piece of caramel shortbread. 

My lovely friend Jane came by and we had a 5 minute catch up before the hub was needed again. Got the gist of the gossip. Will catch up at the naff caff on Saturday morning for the next installment. There are not enough hours in the day. Jane left with Tea Cosy Competition entry forms. All is good. 

Alex taught another hugely successful history class and Mohammed drove down from Barnstaple as usual to teach his English Class. All fuelled by coffee and caramel shortbread.

I rang the Echo on the way to collect Lottie and they are going to run a piece on the Exeter Tea Cosy Competition. Tomorrow I need to take a photo of Liz and a tea cosy. She hates me taking her photo so this could be a challenge.

I bumped into Exeter City Centre Manager John Harvey and talked tea cosies. Schools are getting involved, we have some fabulous judges, fabulous prizes too and the tea cosies are coming in. It's got people chattering and excited and that is all we wanted.

This evening the tangoers are in and tomorrow....

Tomorrow at the hub we have Baby Massage at 10-11:30am. I am meeting a doctor to talk about self help for alcoholics, Liz and I are having our photo taken for the Echo's piece on The Great Exeter Tea Cosy Competition, then it's coffee time and vegetable collection followed by BirthSPACE in the evening.

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