Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gloss Gallery 20x20

The Gloss Gallery is having a 20x20 exhibition with all artwork to be 20x20cm square. This inspired Sonia's crafting group to get busy and we were creating our own 20x20cm pieces.

Here's what Polly from Gloss said...
The Gloss Gallery in Exeter is asking everyone to submit images to polly@glossgallery.co.uk so we can look through the work to decide pricing and curation as we are having different price brackets depending on the artist. The minimum retail price we will put on the work is £50 and maximum £195. 20% of all sales will go to Hospiscare and the remaining 80% will be split between the artist and the gallery.
Hospiscare are delighted that we are raising money for them and have offered to organise the auction. We also have four schools involved as well as Magic Carpet and Double Elephant, so it should be a very interesting show.

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