Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Assistant Receptionists Penny and Peter

What a busy day! 

Dad delivered our tree today and put up our towel dispenser (it might not sound important but it's going to make such a difference). The tree looks amazing. Although it is naked at the moment, I know the University of Exeter students are going to do something to it on Friday when they are putting up their 'Money Talks' exhibition in the hub in the afternoon. If you are interested in seeing the exhibition, Ian Cook (their lecturer) is trying to open up the hub to the public this weekend. I have no photos of the tree...doh! I need to get back on top blogging form :(

We had a very interesting visit from Simon Bowkett who is Business & Services Development Manager at Exeter CVS. He is planning a couple of meetings at the hub in the new year to bring together groups to work on a sustainability project. I am so excited to hear about this and more excited still that we are going to hold the meetings at the hub. Thank you to Magic Carpet who sent Simon our way. 

Talking of Magic Carpet, Peter who is running our Magic Carpet Choir popped in this morning and sat with me in reception as I couldn't head out to Real Food for our meeting as usual because I was manning the phones. Peter drummed up choir trade and it was a lot of fun to have a reception-buddy with me (especially as he came armed with flapjack). 

As I was phone-manning, I needed someone else to take charge of coffee time. Liz offered to run the Knitting group as Rach was tied up elsewhere and Penny made sure everyone was well looked after on the drinks front. They did such a wonderful job and it was liberating to see the place tick along in someone else's hands. This sustainable project is a team effort and the team is growing. Thank you so much Penny and Liz. My second reception-buddy of the day was 1 year old Penny. I think she did a slightly better job than Peter!!! She has a phone fixation and is at that lovely fluffy age. Penny is Liz's little one and as it's hard to teach knitting with a little one, she joined me in the office. In fact I Penny-napped her because she's fun.

Davey has a plan to run a strollers group from the hub. The idea had a really good response this morning from the mum's at the hub. If you are interested in more information, let me know. 

Darren came by and helped me babysit! Darren is writing a piece for a local publication on Notaries House and was supposed to be on a reccy. We distracted him slightly but he did take some amazing photos of the hub's ceiling bosses on his camera and it was amazing to see the bosses up close for the first time. There is so much detail on them that I had never seen before (I blame the mascara-smeared contact lenses I wear). It was busy in the hub today so Darren was reluctant to lie down to take the rest of the photos until he could ensure that he wouldn't be trodden on. He is coming back tomorrow to photograph the rest.

My Godmother Bobby came by to collect her last knitted boy doll for her grandson Jamie. That's three girls and two boys she has now. Well done Knitter Jenny for making Bobby's Christmas a happy knitted one.

Sophie and I set up the hub for tomorrow's Baby Fair this afternoon. It's looking great. Sophie has worked her magic in the play zone and Thirza and Lottie gave it a thumb's up. Sophie has worked really hard on this fair so it would be great to see it really well supported. 

On Friday Penny is running a skills swap at the hub. It is as simple as bring something you can do and share it...whether you can make a brilliant cold cure, fold a Christmas napkin, Knit a decoration, decorate a Christmas tree (you can come and demonstrate on mine) doesn't come alone and share so the people who come along go home with a new skill. I love it! It's such a buzzy, simple, exciting idea. I am really hoping that this takes off and it happens every week. Maybe see you and your skill on Friday at noon. Now what shall I share?! Ummm...

In fact I am still trying to decide what to swap at the Crafty Swap tomorrow night at the hub. I may have to go to bed early and give all this some thought! Sweet crafty dreams Zzzzzzz!

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