Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Today I sneaked out whilst the patients were being treated to collect our new toy and no one would have noticed had it not been for the giant marble run that suddenly appeared in reception.

Rainbow Toys is closing down tomorrow and thanks to Sophie Headlong-Moore's determination not to let the wonderful marble run from the shop slip away from her and her Thirza, I bought it and today I collected it. Not without the odd hitch or two but that just makes its arrival all the more satisfying. Rainbow Toys also gave us a huge bag of marbles so we are happy and lucky bunnies today. It was a good to have a good middle to the day as it was a rough start (that's a terrific sentence Joey!). Our internet has been down for a few days and BT sent the engineer to Essex rather than Exeter. I can't believe it but the engineer definitely phoned from Essex to say he couldn't find our road. I'm not surprised. Never mind. Poor Peter who came in to talk choir and croissant had the pleasure of watching me at my most forceful and poor Pam who was at other end of the phone got to feel it.
At this point I was headless chicken-like...
looking for an allen key to make it smaller


Love it!

Sophie popped in with little Thirza who gave the marble run a good test with little Alfie.

Dan was today's night in shining armour with emergency internet support although I went off him a little when he said he had never had a problem with BT. Just us then?!

Davey started his walking group today and I heard really good things about it on their return. He WILL be running a group next Wednesday starting at 10:45am at the hub even though the hub will be closed. The week after the hub will be open again and there will be coffee afterwards. There are walk for health groups that run all over Exeter and I am so pleased that we have a hub one. Thank you Davey. I handed out honeycomb recipes and undid all his hard work. I'm here to help!

Coffee time was bustling and my lovely mum came in to help look after the reception. She did that and also gave the place a good once over and so it looks so sparkly now. Clever Rachel/mum - thank you.

TOMORROW is Magic Carpet and Peter's choir. I have put in my requests (perk of the job!) and if there isn't Mary's Boy Child Boney M style I will never be speaking to Peter again which he may well count as a blessing.

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