Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lucky Me!

It's been an amazing weekend Hubwise and Joeywise. Friday was organised chaos. We had Wriggle Rhythms which was fabulously busy and lots of fun as always which ended at noon and Skills-Swap began. Penny was swapping knitting tips and Simon showed people how to make a warming tea for coughs and colds and Arabella discussed her reusable wipes and bags for babies with Penny. This ended at 1:30 and the 60ish geography students arrived for their 'lecture' with Ian Cook. Two hours later the Hub had been transformed from Santa's grotto (David, Darren and my handwork) into an exhibition space. The 3rd year students have been looking at the financial crisis and these exhibits and interactive displays are their take on the situation with ideas for what could be done to encourage us to make a difference. The exhibition will be here until Friday and the students would really like your comments in their book. It really is good fun as well as being thought-provoking and informative.

Whilst all this was going on I had Phonic FM DJ's in through the door, mulled wine on the go, a delivery of minced pie and mulled wine to make - even though it was rebuffed... don't worry Dan I will get over it :(
It all felt chaotic but all good.

Saturday Phd Student Jack looked after the exhibition whilst it was open to the public. I spent most of the day in and out of the hub and the Phoenix where Unique Boutique was in full flow. I discovered croissants that were so good I had to go back for a second and cheesy chips that were so tempting a lot were pinched. I bumped into all sorts of people and made plans for next year as well as buying a very cool baby grow with a screen printed robot on it that may or may not fit Lottie's little sister. Fingers crossed.

I also helped at the school's Christmas fair, on the toy stall. I picked up some toys to live with Peppa Pig and friends in the hub and picked up some things from Pipers Farm although they had sold out of my favourite rolled shoulder of lamb. Apparently it is my fault for telling everyone how good it is and what a bargain it is. So I am telling you now it is terrible. Stop buying it! And Michael please save me one for next weekend.

Today I went to The Craft Hub's Twinkling Firs Fair in Topsham. It was fabulous. I am internet stalking KABU (Kiss and Bake Up). She makes utterly spectacular things and I bought some of her vanilla buttercream-filled cinnamon oatmeal M&M cookies. They were so good it had gone before I reached the car. Lottie has one to look forward to later. I bought some Christmassy things too. I also won on the raffle - twice! And after winning first prize at the school Christmas Fair yesterday I am feeling I have been hit by the lucky stick.

This afternoon is our AGM and Simon and Alex have just pulled into the car park so I have to go. No spell-checking or grammar checking (so Jane you can have a field day!) and I will check it later. Back to business :)

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