Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I Just Love It...

The lovely Lisa Purchase came by today and challenged us to make woven heart treasure keepers (not Lisa's term, I think she had a snapper title but I missed it as I was making coffees). Lisa also showed us how to make tree table decorations using a single magazine. She's just brilliant. She arrives with a bag or two and 90 minutes later we have all made something to treasure and if the other children are like Lottie they went home and made a lot more. 

Tomorrow, at coffee time, I will be making more woven hearts. They are so satisfying to make. If you scroll down you will see Lisa's magazine trees. Grandpa Peter now has one in the centre of his table and I am off to hunt down my copies of Olive to transform. 

I also fell in love today. Darren gave me a tour of The Institute next door to the hub and I cannot tell you how much I fell in love it. It was immediate. As soon as I walked into the library... the smell, the books, the chairs, the magic, the history, the people pouring over old maps, the newspaper from the 1700s which Roger let look at, the housekeeper, the dining room, the paintings and the cutlery. Everything. Fabulous. Simply fabulous. I'm not sure I want to work any more...I want to sit and pour over old maps and old newspapers and do the Times crossword - the cryptic one (until I get wriggly or stuck then I will return to my hub). Thank you Darren.


  1. Please thank Lisa for me for today. My girls were quite anti doing anything to start with - typical teenagers thinking everything is too childish for them - yet they soon got into it and are now sat at the dining table making even more of the woven baskets. My tree has lots of lovely homemade decorations on it now and you can't beat that. Thank you.