Friday, 2 December 2011

Building's Night Out

In Notaries House (at the back of the hub) there are lots of businesses on different floors. Lots of the offices  have just a couple of people in them so clever Sharon upstairs invited everyone to have a Christmas do together. We passed each other all the time and said a cheery hello, maybe we would stretch to a quick conversation while the kettle was boiling but about the weather or plans for the weekend. Then we went out and I had a great time and got to know each other. Thank you Sharon. 

But this morning it was hard to say a cheery hello to anyone as no one from the other offices seemed to turn up until about 11 and a good 50% didn't come in at all! Smug me came bouncing in fresh as a daisy after being relatively well behaved. And being alone this morning was perfect as I put Radio 2 on and listened to Gareth and his choir interviewed only for our very own choir master to turn up to say hello. 

I rewrote the boards (see previous post) and I can't believe how many more exciting groups have come to the hub in the past few weeks. I went to Rainbow toy shop and paid for the giant marble run they are selling. We can collect it on 20th December and Sophie (who found it for sale and did the deal and sent me to pay!!!) is very excited about it. I may have trouble getting Sophie, Thirza and their marbles to go home in the evening!
"The blocks are great, Joey...
but when do we get the marble run?"
I had an exciting phone call yesterday evening from a quilter who would like to run some quilting groups and would like to take a look at the hub. That's spot on in my book. The idea of youth quilting was floated too. 

I had a great visit from someone who may run a very exciting regular fair at the hub. Hub Pixies please pull this one off and it is all about community support. The plan fitted perfectly with the University of Exeter students who came by this afternoon with their lecturer Ian who is inspirational. They are looking at money and the impact of the way we spend it but not in a 'chalk and talk' way but in an exciting way. They are going to create an exhibition which will be at the hub from a week today for a week. I promised them a Christmas tree which I now have a week to find. Any ideas? There's a nice one in the centre of Princesshay that would look good in the hub if someone would help me to move it!!!

The late night dancers have confirmed that they would like to carry on dancing into 2012. 

I have taken my first children's party booking on condition that Canon Morter next door isn't planning a quiet afternoon in that day. 

And on twitter (which I am slightly addicted too) we had lots of #ffs. Thank you Hub Pixies for taking such good care of us this week and thank you all Hubbies/Hubbettes (whatever you want to be called) for throwing yourselves wholeheartedly into or behind or in front of what we are doing. As someone said last night, "What exactly are you doing?!" And as I said to Matt who popped by today, "We are making the world a better place, one community hub at a time."

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