Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Great Crafty Swap Party

Hannah and Pip from the Craft Hub came armed with mulled wine, cava and white wine as well as crostini, pretzels and crispies (they know how to make friends) for the Crafty Swap Party. I traded in some crafty bits for 2 red stickers meaning I had £10 to spend when the swap began. Then we chattered and mingled and I highlighted names in blue when they came through the door. Lovely Rach said, "Why am I highlighted in blue?!" with a slightly paranoid air. If only I had a faster brain..."Because you're here!" Get that woman an bucks fizz and quick! I think the parking in Exeter nearly finished off some of the group so a relaxing evening and a vat of mulled wine was just the tonic.

I am so so so so so pleased with my swap but as usual I can't say what it is as it is a present. But I cannot believe how perfect it is and even better, I cleared out things I didn't want - blooming perfect. Genius. I love The Craft Hub ladies. And tomorrow if you come to the hub I have a LARGE tub of clotted cream that the ladies left with me along with scones and jam so it's party time at noon tomorrow.

The great clotted cream eating competition will coincide with Penny's skills swap. Perfect!

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