Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Moving into 2012

I started the day by making chocolate crispy cake christmas puddings and delivering them to everyone in the building in exchange for the use of upstairs' microwave. I put them in paper cases which are slippery little suckers when put on a plate so poor Tim had his thrown all over his desk on delivery. 

It was the Babysign Christmas party today which I missed because we had a practitioner meeting (which I forgot to take the crispy cakes to). Looking at the aftermath of the Christmas party, I realised I had missed a treat...bubbles, sprinkles, glitter, songs. But the good news in that on Friday, Sophie has another party for Wriggle Rhythms and I am not missing that one. 

Knitting was lovely and gentle today. Penny unknitted a hat, Sophie made a jumper that may fit her Thirza in 5 years time, Liz knitted a Tombliboo's leg and I played with Penny. That's one of the highlights of my week but it's not improving my knitting. We sang Let's Go Fly a Kite together (see I do sing really Peter), played with nail polish and ate crispy cakes. 

The afternoon flew by. Time ran away with me and I nearly missed Lottie pick up time. I even had to do a bit of running.

The practitioners have lots of ideas and lots of knowledge to share. In case you didn't know we have a practice next door with herbalists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, Alexander technique teachers, reflexologists, massage therapists and Feldenkrais teachers. All of whom have a tremendous amount of knowledge in their particular field and all of whom have to be spot on in order to be part of the Sustainable Health Centre. I am hoping that we can put the practitioners to good use in helping us all with the things we struggle with day to day - stress and anxiety, feeling tired, sleep problems, constant sniffles, etc.

I want 2012 to be great at the hub. 

The hub is going to be closed between Saturday 24th December and Monday 2nd January (unless you are going to Janette's Birthing Class). I want to use this time to catch my breath, spend some time with Lottie and get my head around some of the things I need to do to polish 
in terms of what we do at the hub. So if you have any ideas, constructive criticism, things you like, things you don't - it would be really really helpful to hear them. I only see the hub the way I see the hub and it is useful to know how others see it and how other people want it to be used. 

The other EXCITEMENT is that Lisa (maybe Crazy Lisa) is doing a family crafting session on Tuesday at noon. The last one she did at half term was our halloween lantern making and the hub was awash with excitement and black and orange tissue paper. It is £4 per family and I know we have got lots of people coming. There's no need to book. Just come along and join in. 
Lisa's last family crafting session

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