Thursday, 22 December 2011

Confession time...

I have double standards. There I said it! It will come back and bite me I am sure (Andy will quote it one or two times). You see I am always right (!!!) and I am as stubborn as a mule.

Rule number 37: I don't eat colourings.
Rule number 38: I don't eat blue things. And I don't eat blue things because since eating a blue ice-cream in Belgium my face does funny things when I do. Toothpaste, gummy sweets, mouthwash, things make my lips swell so I look like I have had bad lip fillers. This is all relevant because this week I got well and truly involved in Kiss and Bake Up's online 'Bagsy'. K.A.B.U. list boxes of cakes and cookies and people bagsy them and K.A.B.U. deliver them. My delivery date was tonight during choir. So I had my phone on vibrate on my lap (exceeding bad manners, I know) and during coffee time they rang. I ran to the rendezvous point in Southernhay. Brilliant. M&M cinnamon oatmeal cookies with a rainbow vanilla buttercream filling. And I have been dreaming of these since I had my first at The Craft Hub's Fair in Topsham.
But eeek! Look at them:

But they taste so good.

I ate three!

And they have started to work their magic. Lottie just came to give me a kiss goodnight and apparently my cheeks are burning. I look like I've been slapped and I fully expect to get worse. Was it worth it? Yes I think it was.

Tonight we had out second Christmas sing. It was brilliant. Peter and Rob were wonderful and we had a great turn out and I think we sounded great. Plus we sang Boney M's version of Mary's Boy Child - brilliant! It was a lovely celebration of Christmastime made all the more comfortable thanks to the loan of chairs from Dan upstairs. Sean arranged for some of the Argentine Tango group to come and dance during the break so Felix and Isobel danced. Entrancing and beautiful. Thank you Sean, Felix and Isobel.

Tomorrow is our last coffee time for a while. We will be open from noon and then we will be closed until after the new year, opening again on 4th January with a new timetable of excitements for 2012 including choir on Tuesday mornings form 10-12noon starting on 17th January.

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