Monday, 14 November 2011

Snakes Galore!

I was manning the front desk and it was like Piccadilly Circus at the Sustainable Health Centre this morning and I was on top monday morning form. I took the treatment couch covers off, the phone rang, I put the covers back on again - only to discover I was putting the dirty ones back on. Did I tell you that the cleaners have started taking parts of their hoover home to stop me using it?! Not the whole hoover...just a vital tube. Never has anyone stopped me cleaning before. Usually they are thrusting cleaning equipment in my hands and encouraging me from the sidelines. But I secretly admire the cleaners cunning (and I shouldn't really be using their hoover anyway). Anyway, I think was a convincing receptionist. I have mastered the book-keeping, we have the Echo coming tomorrow to find out what we are up to, we have a Brownie pack coming to see whether the hall is good for them and I have two groups wanting to use the hub at the same time on Thursday. We must be doing something right. 

So please keep you eyes peeled in the press and let me know what you spot, if you have a place to put up a poster for our Christmas fair the posters are ready. Rach is going on her mega poster drop-off later this week (last time it was three hour drop-off). We are also looking for donations for out Christmas raffle to raise funds for the hub. If you know any generous people - please let me know. 
 Back to today. Our yoga babies were so lovely. I sat outside the room colouring in 100 owl hats (see posters) and listened to them while I worked my way through three red pens. Our teachers are amazing and a joy to listen to. Hannah and Pip who run our Make and Take Club were also brilliant this afternoon. Pip taught us all to finger-knit and everyone took home a snake, a scarf or a necklace that they had made - there were a lot of proud people in the hub tonight. My Lottie came home and she has just made a three metre long stripy snake. "Pip said finger-knitting was addictive!" she said to me. 

Tomorrow Lisa is running her drop-in printing session at noon. It is £4 and you can start an hour and a half and Lisa will look after you. In the afternoon, we have Sophie's Wriggle Rhythms for 18months - 3years. 

A big thank you to mum who coloured in the other 100 hats, did all the washing up at the hub and helped Lottie with her knitting. 

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