Thursday, 17 November 2011

Parties at the Hub

It's been a brilliant week for the hub. We are getting busier and that's all I want.

Wednesday's coffee time at noon was so busy. We had so many people through the doors. I think it is important to greet everyone who comes in but that often means leaving a conversation mid sentence. It was comforting to have Rach there who was running her knitting group but also stepped in to look after people. We also had a visit from Dominic the photographer who was taking photos for the Echo next week. That morning I put on the tights I bought for halloween 2010 thinking it would be a waist-up photo. I was wrong! I am really looking forward to seeing what the Echo do with us. 

Today Mind and Body held their first birthday party at the hub. There was one large table in the middle of the hub laid beautifully. It looked great. I was invited as Jacqueline's guest and after lunch Jacqueline stood up and introduced me to the group with a little speech and then others introduced their guests in turn. It was totally unexpected and very special and it made my day. Sadly I had to go back to work so I missed the other speeches (that didn't feel right at all - listen to my bit and then run out). Isn't that a lovely idea for a celebration? You invite your friends or colleagues and ask them all to bring along a guest who they then introduce saying why they are special. And then (even though I was a terrible guest as I left early) Jacqueline brought me some pudding when I was manning reception. Lovely, lovely lady. 

Rach has started her epic poster drop for our Christmas fair on 26th November. I will have the blister plasters ready for her.

We celebrated the opening of our new bank account with carrot cake - any excuse for cake!

I joined The Craft Hub ladies for Crafter Dark at The City Gate pub last night. They are very good and patient and creative. We were wet-feltmaking and I made a felt wrapped soap, two balls and a heart and I was so proud of myself. Have a look at for more details. The next one is at the Hub on the Green but it is a craft swap on Thursday 8th December. Thanks to The Craft Hub Lottie and I will be finger-knitting and wet-felting this weekend. Lottie had to come to work with me after school so I bought her a ball of wool and now I have a scarf - how cool is that? 

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