Thursday, 3 November 2011

Warning: Don't Blog and Bake!

I didn't blog yesterday. Instead I had an early night. Those are my two options - blog or sleep! Oh dear. I must love my hub too much. 

But I have good reason to. Yesterday's Noon Coffee Time (and I really do need a snappy title for those 90 minutes in the middle of the day when we are open to everyone) was the best yet. A man called David came in with his friend Mike. What a double act. We had Davey come and look for a missing walking boot, Ellen came in to knit and natter with Cresceda (how do you spell that?), a man looked at our map circa 18-something, his wife who wanted yoga info, a customer from my cafe days with her grand daughter, the Cathedral administrator popped by and Jo from the Women's network came into book events with her friend. Now that's a party. 

Oooh and I have just realised that I haven't put my biscuits in the oven...
...I'm back. This is my Nana's biscuit recipe. Her recipe book has been on my bookshelf for about 16 years. Then last week someone mentioned Nana's refrigerator biscuits and now they are in the oven.

Today I had two wonderful visitors. The first was Helen Farrell, an amazing councillor who I know from our Cullompton cafe days. It was so good to see her and show her around. The second was John Harvey, Exeter City Centre Manager and Tweeter extraordinaire, who was great. He is a man who knows so many people and organisations, and networks like a pro. That's all good in my book and I have been spurred on to Tweet more.

Bother I have burnt my first batch of biscuits. Blogging and baking just don't mix.

Tomorrow I am in charge of stitching group! Oooh the responsibility. I think we may be drinking a lot of tea and talking about what we could be making if we were to ever get started. If you would like to come and join starts at noon. 

Simon's November spice poster...ginger:

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