Monday, 7 November 2011

Make and Take Club

The craft and cake fair last Saturday was great. Word of mouth, a mention in a school newsletter, Rachael's amazing poster drop and John Harvey's tweeting were, I think, the keys to a much busier fair. We missed Sharon French who was poorly but we hope to see her next time. 

Margaret showed people mosaic making and encouraged them to have a go and Peter was showing his splicing skills (although by the end of the day he had honed a fine line in shabby chic rope jewellery with a little help from fashion graduate Kim (Kimbows).  Jenny's knitting flew out the door and brought such pleasure to so many people and Rach is really looking forward to her Wednesday knitting group as she has more new members to add to the party. 

The cake stall was great. I helped mum out (which involved tripping her up a few times and overflowing the coffee machine) and we had great cakes. Coffee and walnut seemed to be cake of the day. We also had chocolate covered honeycomb and russian toffee. Mmmmmm! Or nom nom (as they seem to say on twitter). I am trying very hard to tweet and hashtag but it's not easy when there isn't one on your keyboard. #alt3 #Aaargh #TheOnlyFaultWithAMac

The next fair is on 26th November and it's our last one of the year and will be seriously Christmassy. Becky asked me today whether all the cakes would be Christmas-themed. Eeek! Pressure! I like the idea - yule log, Chrismas cake, Mum's chocolate brandy else? Please help! Oh mince pies (but I don't like them). 

Today was great. Yoga Babies was a great success again. I sneaked in to take photos but I stupidly left the memory card at the hub so I will add the photos tomorrow. Lovely Becky brought me in a piece of her homemade Peppa Pig cake. It was the perfect mid-morning snack. Coffee time was lovely and busy today.

Then it was time to make the jam sandwiches to sustain the Make and Takers. Today was The Craft Hub's first MAKE & TAKE CLUB. Hannah and Pip had 10 children and their parents come to the hub for an hour to get crafty. We were painting today and it was amazing to see what everyone produced. My purple bunnies were something special! We were colour mixing and I don't think an hour has ever gone so fast. Next week Hannah & Pip are going to help us make finger-knitted snake scarves. Pip showed us some examples and they are very cool and therefore am very excited. Next week we may have honey sandwiches?


Tomorrow at noon we are making again with Lisa. So if you fancy popping in for a coffee and see what is going on you know where to find us. 

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